A little about me…

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A tiny corner of the 4500 ft.sq. garden in which to…play with fairies, ride a unicorn, swim with a mermaid and fly to the moon


My name is Nicole White and I have been providing daycare here in Burlington, Ontario, since 2000.My 2 sons are now 19 and 17 years old. They used to ask me how long I would continue to provide daycare and the answer changed and grew more and more distant until I realized that this is the right fit for me…my calling and career. 

Over my years of providing care, I have been blessed that my life has been touched by so many tiny hearts. Having cared in the past for children with special needs, which include Type I diabetes, premature delivery (29 weeks), Down Syndrome, deafness, autism and physical challenges has given me an appreciation of the chaos, messes and happy noise that can be generated by healthy children. The true miracle of these members of my daycare was watching the strong children play alongside of their peers with health challenges, not noticing or noting that their friends were any different. The allowances that were subconsciously made, the strengths that were subconsciously utilized and the simple love for one another were wonderful moments of which to be a part.

Our home is located in a shaded, quiet area in the Brant/QEW/Guelph Line area. Daycare is provided on the main floor. Baking in the kitchen together, learning through puzzles, games and play, cosying up on the sofa for a movie on a rainy day…family style care as opposed to institutionalized care.

The big backyard offers 4500 sq. feet of dappled/shaded playspace…and enchanted forest in which the children run, play and dream. A richly mulched are measuring 33 X 15 feet is a safe home to climbers/slides for active play and a village of playhouses and cars for imaginary play.

Practise balance and co-ordination in a nature inspired climbing area

This past summer, we added more natural playspaces, using tree logs for a safe walking-sitting spiral and tree trunk slices for stepping stones throughout the play areas. A stepping stone path, surrounded by richly scented cedar mulch will welcome the children into the current bean teepee…an eight foot tall teepee that can be a fairy house to one child and a secret fort to the next, with places to sit and read a story, play with toys or have a quiet moment.

Each week, we can change where the stepping stones are to invite exploring in new areas of the playground

Every spring, the children plant seeds and seedlings in the vegetable garden, around the pole teepee and in the berry  patches. It’s a pretty amazing thing to watch a child hold a seed in the palm of their hand and try to imagine it growing into a tall plant that will provide food for all. Throughout the summer and fall they nurture and harvest from the gardens. Crunchy green beans right from the vine? Juicy berries just picked and still warm from the sun? Yes, please! These are a few examples of the delectable snacks we enjoy together in the summer months.

Our bean teepee…hide-and-seek, look at a picture book, whisper secrets, search for pixies…

For samples of past activities please click on the titles at the top of this page to visit the About page and   Busy Minds and Hands page. Send me a message or request using the Contact page. You can read reviews of Sweet Pea Path Daycare on the My Daycare Families Say… page.

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