Parent Reviews


Sweet Pea Path has been EVERYTHING I could have wanted in a daycare and more. Niki’s experience, energy and love for the kids is the real deal. She has been so accommodating in everything…from respecting and following our parenting methods to welcoming our child for extra days here and there whenever she can; she is very flexible in fulfilling our requests and needs. My daughter comes home happy every time. Everything is done with love…the amazingly healthy food they eat, the organic garden they grow together, her attention to detail and the different activities they get up to everyday (it makes me want to go to daycare!). As a mom who did a lot of searching for the perfect place, I can guarantee you won’t find anywhere quite like this.

Jess U.

Stephanie B.


Nicole runs an amazing in-home daycare service for babies, toddlers and young kids. My daughter was in Nicole’s care for 4yrs full-time and a few years part-time when she started kindergarten. Niki always had the kids participating in craft activities, baking time (the kids always came home with fresh-baked treats that they had helped make) story time or just quiet time. She always made time for each kid independently and as a group and she loves all her “kids” just like her own. She was always patient and kind which made me always want to try harder at the end of the day with my daughter.

Nicole’s house completely feels like home to her daycare kids. There was never a minute where my daughter did not want to attend. Outside of my immediate family, I could not trust anyone more than I trust Niki! As I told a friend of mine who was searching for a wonderful daycare, “Nicole is the nicest daycare provider, even the nicest person, I have ever met.” That friend is Karen T..she met Niki and both of her sons became beloved members of Niki’s daycare family!(…you can read Karen’s testimonial below!)

Even though we have not been at Niki’s for a few years now since my daughter grew up, we still remain in touch and still both interested in how the other’s children and families are doing. I appreciate everything she provided to my daughter and I feel she was one of the most important stepping stones in life for her!

Leanne F.

We have two daughters, both of whom were taken care of by Nicole since they were babies. My husband and I have had a very positive daycare experience by entrusting our children into Nicole’s care. She treats the children in her care like family, provides healthy lunches and snacks and keeps the children active, learning and safe…all of which were essential competencies of care when we made the ever-so-important decision of which care provider to hire.

I have always found Nicole to be very warm toward my children, and they are happy when they are in her care. She is organized, flexible and easy to communicate with. She is also very dependable and rarely takes a sick day. She offers a good balance of activities combined with the opportunity to just go-with-the-flow if a kid is having a rough day.

Over the past 4 years, I have been exceptionally pleased with the care Nicole has provided my daughters. So much so, that when we moved from Burlington to Waterdown, we decided to keep them with Nicole rather than sending them to a new daycare in Waterdown. My family and I (kids included!) highly recommend Nicole of Sweet Pea Path as a superb child care provider!

Jennifer H.

I was very fortunate to find the services of Nicole White (affectionately known by my sons as Niki) about 9 years ago. When it came time for our interview, we entered Nicole’s big backyard and felt so welcome and at home that my 2 year old crawled right up on her lap, where he happily remained for most of our interview! My decision was made immediately.

During the time spent with Nicole, my boys had a blast. Each day they came home wearing beaming smiles and were excited to tell me about their day. Activities included baking, painting, making play-doh, outdoor fun, reading…and ,best of all, learning! My sons always looked forward to going to Niki’s house and she became like a part of our family. She treated my boys like a part of hers.

I quite honestly cannot say enough about the care Nicole provided to my children. I never had a moment or inkling of concern because I always knew that they were in the best, most caring and loving hands possible.

Karen T.



Nicole provides each child in her care with the necessary fundamentals to learn and grow in a fun and safe environment. She has a very calm manner and the children are naturally drawn to her loving ways. Every child in her care has a different personality, milestone goals and learning skills and Nicole takes these into consideration when planning each day. She is so considerate with phone calls or communication and the daily notes allow me to experience so much more of my daughter’s day. She is very open to any questions or concerns any parent might have and is willing to defer to parent requests for anything at all. You can tell right off just how much she cares and really tries to get to know each child’s personality and make them feel welcome in her home.

Nicole’s focus on healthy foods, daily exercise, fresh air (in her spacious backyard full of fun things to do!) coupled with her dedication to proper and green sanitation (cleaning hands before meals, washing toys and surfaces, personal playpens and highchairs) have kept my daughter healthy and strong, something I am very passionate about in my own home. All of the children are happily engaged in free play, play based learning, practical situation learning and story reading everyday and she makes sure to include every age group.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found such a caring, fun and devoted caregiver for my precious girl.

Michelle B.