All the details…

Kids in the Kitchen

During the cooler months, the children enjoy baking activities in our cozy kitchen. Muffins, cookies and treats of all kinds are made using healthier ingredients.  Omega 3 rich chia seeds and flax, mineral dense oats, natural sweeteners such as pure maple syrup and honey, nutritious nuts and nut butters…a treat can still pack a nutritional punch!

Taking the time to smell and sample the ingredients creates interest, measuring helps teach counting, adding ingredients to the bowl and stirring are motor skill developers and waiting for our recipes to finish cooking instills patience and an acceptance of delayed gratification.


Leader of the Day

This is a program I discovered when my own children were in JK and SK and they loved it so much that I incorporated it into our daycare, where it continues to be loved by every child. Daily, on a rotating schedule, one child is the leader of the day and helps to hand out snacks and supplies, has first turn during activity and gets to select the first book we read that day. 

Green Cleaning

I believe that natural, eco and child friendly cleansers are best and choose to use them everyday. Products such as Ecover, 7th Generation and Honest Company are employed throughout the house to clean surfaces, equipment and toys and  vinegar is used for disinfecting.  Each child in my care is provided (by me) with their own playpen and highchair, so there is no sharing of this equipment. This method allows me to avoid using chlorine bleach after every use of a playpen or highchair .and saves your little one from sleeping in a bleachy playpen and eating off of a bleachy surface.


Distract, redirect and prevent are the first methods used throughout the day. Often, disputes can be resolved and behaviour changed through careful observation and redirection to something more appropriate. Distracting a toddler works better than telling them what to do and helps them form safe and happy habits. Prevention is key…avoiding toys from home which can cause conflict (many daycare children are too young to share or understand the concept) and removing toys from play that are causing conflict goes a long way to peaceful playtime. Noisy and busy for sure, but much less conflict!

Have you ever tried out a mindful moment? When a child in my care is consistently acting out during a day, I will often avoid constantly providing negative reinforcement and, instead, scoop that child up in a cuddle, sing a soft song, look at a picture book or read a story together…whatever peaceful moment will stop the momentum of behaviour and turn them onto a more positive path that day. If he or she is acting out due to a temporary need for attention, very often positive attention works.

Safe barriers and boundaries are already set up, including safety gates, toys for older children up high  etc. Time outs can be employed when someone needs a few minutes to breath and collect themselves or when dangerous or aggressive behaviour is happening. I defer to the parent’s request for discipline.

Happy Birthdays

Each child’s birthday is a very special day and is treated as such with a party at daycare…face painting, decorations, cupcakes and games fill the day. The birthday child gets to decorate a birthday to crown to wear for the day. Everyone goes home tired and happy.


How Was Our Day?

Each evening, every family receives an email with details about our daycare day. You will read about the snacks and lunch menu, activities we enjoyed, toileting (if requested), sleep time/duration and often something funny that happened. Parents who give permission in the registration paperwork also receive pictures from the day.   I find this a loving way to be included in your little one’s daycare day in earlier years and a great ‘conversation starter’ in preschool years. It helps to combat the:

“What did you do at daycare today?”



Before School Care and Transportation

Sweet Pea Path provides before school care with transportation to limited schools in our neighbourhood. My husband provides car transportation so the schedule of the full day children isn’t interrupted. A safe driving record, well maintained vehicle and your choice of booster seat are essential parts of this service. P.A. days are optional based on availability.


The fee for care is $44.00 per day. Your daycare fee includes snacks, beverages and lunch. Teachers do not pay daycare fees for school holidays which include Christmas Break, March Break and summer days.

The fee for before and after school care is $26.00 per day, comparable to the YMCA school aged care program. Your before and after school care fee includes transportation to and from school plus an after school snack.

There are no early or late fees, ever. It isn’t your fault if you need to get to work early occasionally or are stuck in traffic on the way home. I don’t believe in penalizing busy parents…I am here to be a support during the busy transition back to the work force.